Our Story

A short history of ManCore

The ManCore story officially began in 2020 in Croatia, but its roots trace back a decade earlier. In fact, the seeds of this idea had been germinating within me for over 20 years. It all started with a series of talks I gave on the power and utilization of masculine archetypes. These discussions paved the way for fully immersive initiation cycles involving cohorts of ten men, conducted over a five-month period.

But what was the original idea, and how did it come to fruition?

In 2020, amidst a global pandemic and Croatian earthquakes, a significant event occurred in my life – the birth of my son. Freshly trained as an integrative body-oriented psychotherapist, I found myself contemplating my life's purpose and the core values I wished to pass on to my child. This introspection sparked a process of inspired writing and channeling that would eventually become known as ManCore. Drawing upon my decades-long practice of both Eastern and Western mystical traditions, it felt only natural to integrate the wisdom I had amassed into a cohesive framework.

For this purpose, I turned to the remarkable book "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette, which provided invaluable inspiration and a wealth of ideas. However, the fundamental concept at the heart of ManCore is balance – dynamic balance, to be precise. True balance can only be found in a state of constant motion, which brings forth the notion of life force and life intelligence. By shedding the expectations and labels imposed by modern culture and societal stereotypes, and delving deeper into archetypes, we tap into the wellspring of life force and intelligence that resides closer to the Truth and Essence of who we are.

ManCore is a journey towards reclaiming this dynamic balance within ourselves and aligning with our authentic nature. It is an invitation to strip away the constraints of societal conditioning and reconnect with the profound wisdom of archetypal energies. Join us on this transformative path, as we tap into the wellspring of life force and intelligence, and rediscover the essence of our true selves.

May the eternal flames of Light, Love, Life, and Liberty illuminate every step of your journey.

ManCore Guides

A team dedicated to supporting you on your journey towards self-discovery

Marko Varat

therapy / soul work / meditation

Recently, I have focused on being a committed father and partner while pursuing personal growth and spirituality. Since 1998, I have studied both Eastern and Western practices and spent eight years training in integrative body-oriented psychotherapy at the Center for Integrative Development.

Throughout my life, I have felt like an outsider within established systems, driven by curiosity and a free-spirited nature. Seeking wise guidance in an environment that nurtures commitment and embraces change, I carved my own unique path of learning and self-discovery. I now share my experiences with others to offer valuable insights.

I am currently training to be a Purpose Guide at the Purpose Guides Institute, led by Jonathan Gustin and supported by teachers like Bill Plotkin and John Prendergast. My passions center around meditation, observing life's intricate processes, and creatively integrating teachings and practices to facilitate spiritual awakening and psychological growth. I continue to explore my potential with enthusiasm and aim to inspire and support others on their transformative journeys.

Marko Kovač

business / coaching / meditation

The questions like "What is this all about?" and "Who am I, really?" have been lingering in my mind for as long as I can remember. In the 1970s, my father's interest in Eastern and Western teachings led me to start meditating alongside him when I was just four years old. Later life took a different direction. I became a computer scientist and tasted success as an entrepreneur, but questions about the nature of consciousness and reality at large remained my most intimate companions. In addition, my professional and personal challenges, and the desire to be a good father to my daughters drove me to explore various schools, teachers, and do my own experiments.

I completed a four-year body-oriented psychotherapy school and studied nature and forest therapy. I embarked on solo wilderness retreats in the Croatian mountains and participated in plant medicine retreat guided by Shipibo curanderos in the Amazon forest. Today, my daily practice revolves around breathwork and Chan meditation. Finding meaning and joy in the simplicity of everyday life, with a clear mind, open heart, and healthy body, while sharing it with people from all walks of life, is what truly fulfills me.